McPherson announces he’s running against Rep Sanford Bishop for Georgia’s second district

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Republican Bruce McPherson, a former active duty US Army Ranger and Green Beret, formally announced he’s running against Representative Sanford Bishop.

If elected next November, he will become the next representative of Georgia’s second congressional district. McPherson says, it’s somewhat intimidating going up against Bishop, the 23-year Democratic incumbent.

But he says it’s time now to elect a proven man of action to represent Georgia’s second district.

“I wanna bring common-sense conservatism. I’m not gonna go out and make sweeping changes to social issues. I feel like those are not the issues that these voters care about. The issues constituents of this district care about are putting food on the table, taking care of our veterans and taking care of our farmers,” says Bruce McPherson.

McPherson, a small business owner, family man and father of three also says he’s running because he’s tired of seeing petty partisan bickering get in the way of accomplishing meaningful results for the American people.

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