Beep baseball game promotes blind awareness

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The phrase keep your eyes on the ball went out the window for baseball players at Columbus State Friday night. It was all in an effort to raise awareness surrounding the blind.

“Our 17th year that we’ve played Beep Ball and Beep Baseball is a sport that’s designed for the blind,” says Scott Ressmeyer, Beep Baseball Organizer.

The game included both blind and non-blind players. How the game works, the beeping ball is pitched to a blindfolded batter. Once the ball is hit, the blindfolded catchers in the field scramble to catch the ball. The players included Beep Baseball World Series champs, The Indiana Thunder all of the players are visually-impaired. The Indy Thunder played against several non-blind, local representatives–from multiple companies in the Valley.

Ressmeyer says the players are both blind and non-blind. All are required to where blindfolds to create a level-playing field. News Three’s Ashley Garrett gave it a stab, while also being blindfolded, to see what it’s like to walk in the shoes of the blind.

First attempt, was a strike– Garrett, a former softball player hadn’t picked up a bat in at least 15 years. She decided to give it another shot. It was difficult, but the ball was hit the second time around.

Organizers say, Saturday, the fun continues as CSU will host Camp Abilities Fun Day. It’s open to anyone who is blind or visually impaired. Activities will run from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

They include: goalball and beep kickball.

Also Saturday, the annual Country’s 5K Midnight Run. All proceeds will be donated to local  efforts to assist the blind.

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