Pride flag still remains in Auburn High School classroom

AUBURN, Ala. — A gay pride flag that fell under scrutiny last week still remains in an Auburn High School classroom, according to one student.

Brandon Sinniger, the Auburn High School student who started a counter-petition against the removal of the flag, told News 3 on Tuesday morning the flag is still in a classroom at the high school.

Friday, News 3 reported that a group of Auburn High School parents and students addressed a petition to the school’s principal asking the flag be taken down. That same day, Sinniger started a counter-petition in support of the flag.

Auburn City Schools Superintendent Dr. Karen DeLano says the matter was being handled internally.

“Obviously, the administration and my community have sent a pretty clear message that the flag is going to stay exactly where it is,” Sinniger says. “I hope it stays exactly where it is. I have talked personally with the signer of the original petition, but basically, this is where we stand right now, and unless something drastic happens, which I doubt, but the flag is going to stay up, and I’m glad that it is.”


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