Columbus State University gives back to the community

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Close to 750 Columbus State University students and employees are making an impact outside the classroom.

“We are very proud of this event it’s a way for kicking off the semester on a high note and putting our students, staff, and faculty members out in the community to give back to Columbus and Phenix City”, says Anne Brown, Community Outreach Adviser.

Brown says community outreach is an excellent opportunity for CSU students to learn.

“They’re going into these non-profits they’re seeing how they’re run how they’re operated and then what they can do to make a difference in the community. We like to tell our students that community service is a great resume builder, it develops leadership skills for them, it gets them connected to their community,” says Brown.

CSU volunteers helped Feeding the Valley Food Bank among other places.

“This community is so good to CSU and so supportive of this institution. This is just one time when the campus can come together and show it’s appreciation and support and do something for the community”, says Dr.Chris Markwood, the President of Columbus State University.

President Markwood says he believes the Columbus community is an inspiration to Columbus State University students.

“What has amazed me is the degree that which people give up themselves and get involved in community service and I think that people in this community are inspirations for our students to do the very same thing,” says President Markwood.

“This was just something great and something that I just want to continue to do and so I think it’s like very essential, not just for college students but high school students, middle school students,” says CSU Student Torrey Howard.

Last year 615 people turned out for the CSU Day of Service.

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