Animal rescue saves 34 dogs out of a hoarding situation in south Georgia

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A local dog rescue helped save nearly 90 dogs out of south Georgia Friday. Southern Souls Rescue teamed with seven other crews to find shelters for the furry friends. They now have 34 small-breed dogs who are in desperate need of a home. The owner of the rescue says this situation looked a lot like a puppy mill.

“These dogs are the best dogs I’ve ever seen come out of a situation like that. Yes, it definitely did turn into a hoarding situation because the lady was dying of cancer,” Nancy Kay, Owner of Southern Souls Rescue, said.

Nancy Kay said she got the call Thursday at noon. She, along with several other teams, traveled across Georgia to help nearly 90 dogs before they were put down. Kay said she had no idea what to expect.

“A lot of them had skin issues. Having been involved in other hoarding and puppy mill situations, these dogs were in good overall health,” Kay said.

She said only one dog had an injury, and unlike most puppy mill dogs, they aren’t showing any aggression. She added the lady who originally had all the dogs called for help. She wanted to make sure the dogs went to a rescue so that they would be taken care of.

“The dogs were systematically brought out to the staging area. We got our vet, Dr. Cregory Cranford that used to be from Augusta. He did the vetting of the dogs as they came out,” Kay explained.

All 34 dogs need homes. Kay said she is also in desperate need of foster homes.

“We’re still trying to sort through, really, the breeds we have because some of them do have skin issues or don’t have hair. Some of them are mixed breed dogs, or what they consider designer breeds now, like these little Pomeranian Chihuahuas.This has been the most remarkable rescue I have ever done because of the way everybody came together and worked together to get all of these dogs out of this place in one day,” Kay said.

You can take one of those furry friends home with you today. It’s only $175, and that includes all of the shots and spaying or neutering.

Contact the rescue: (706) 556-9009 or on Facebook.

Wester Vet Clinic in Thomson is accepting donations. Their phone number is (706) 597-9200.

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