Suspect arrested for attempted murder of 4-year-old

GOODWATER, Ala. — A suspect has been arrested in Alabama after allegedly shooting a four-year-old child in the head during an apparent road rage incident in Cleveland, Ohio.

Alexander City officers, U.S. Marshals and members of the narcotics task force worked with Cleveland Police to track 21-year old Leon Edwards down and make the arrest Thursday.

“Once we received information that there was an active warrant on him then we were able to get involved and actually apply resources toward it.,” Alexander City Police Administrative Captain Fred Roth said.

Luke Sivley is a member of the Tallapoosa County Narcotics Task Force. He was part of the team that arrested Edwards on Thursday morning.

“Our mentality then is, ‘Well if they’ll shoot a child then they’ll shoot anybody,'” Sivley said. “Some of the Marshall service people came to Alex City, met us at our office and we started going around to families’ residencies. We talked to several different family members and members of the community and the following morning we actually got a call of where he was located.”

The arrest location was in Goodwater, Alabama, which is just outside of Alexander City.

Cleveland Police told local officials on Monday morning that the boy’s mother honked her horn at Edward’s car, which was blocking the road.

Edwards refused to move so the child’s mom went around him. Police say Edwards followed her and fired several gunshots with bullet fragments piercing the child’s head.

Alexander City Police said this isn’t the first time Edwards has been in this area.

“I’m not 100 percent positive, but I believe he does have family here and he has stayed here in the past for short lengths of time, but not years worth of time,” Roth said. “He was probably familiar with this area and thought he could come here and hide out and wouldn’t get located quickly.”

Edwards also had a passenger in the car during the shooting, 21-year-old John Smith who was apprehended Wednesday.

According to local officials, the four-year-old boy is recovering in a Cleveland hospital and is in stable condition.

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