Columbus State University researchers prepare to photograph solar eclipse

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Five teams from Columbus State University’s Coca-Cola Space Science Center and the Department of Earth and Space Sciences are preparing to fan out across the country to photograph and get video of the Solar Eclipse later this month.

“I’ve never seen a total solar eclipse the main thing I want to do is be apart of the entire experience but what we are doing as a team at the science center and the students at Columbus State University we are going to be taking images and video,” says Johnny Brown.

Brown has a warning for those planning to view the Solar Eclipse.

“Do not look at the sun with the naked eye make sure you have number 14 rated or higher special eclipse glasses,” says Johnny Brown.

“If you see that orange circle you’re using it correctly and you’re good, but don’t leave it on too long you’re still staring directly into the sun if you’re staring at it to long and you start to feel your eyes heat up so don’t stare at it too long even with the glasses on,” says Nicholas Garcia.

Garcia says having Columbus State University students positioned from Wyoming to South Carolina, is an experience he will never forget. He’ll be in Nebraska.

“We’ve got yourself special space, we have multiple telescopes going up, we have one hydrogen alpha,” says Nicholas Garcia.

If you’re one of the folks that plan to stay in the Valley, don’t worry the Coca-Cola Space Science Center has you covered.

“We’re going to actually have a free day where people can actually come out and enjoy the sun through solar telescopes, we will have solar eclipse glasses ready for them that they can purchase, and we’ll also have our LIVE webcast which will be hosted in our theater.” Michael Johnson, Columbus State University Student Engagement

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