Caught on camera: Police forced off freeway

HOUSTON, Texas (KHOU) — Houston police released dramatic bodycam video Thursday of a suspected drunk driver forcing two police officers to jump off the Southwest Freeway.

DWI Task Force Officers Roshad Carter and Carlos Herrera had stopped near Newcastle on July 28 to investigate another accident.

“Hey what’s going on man, I got the driver right here in the back…”

July 28th, 3 a-m. Just another night for these Houston police officers… Responding to a hit and run on the Southwest Freeway, paramedics checking out the victim. But in a split second…

It went from run-of-the-mill to life-changing.

“I’m falling and I’m thinking to myself when am I gonna stop falling?'” says Rashad Carter.

Nearly two weeks after surviving that 15-foot fall, Officer Rashad Carter is still recovering from injuries to his back and legs. Now, through this recently recorded statement, he’s telling his story for the first time.

“In my mind It seemed like everything had slowed down in slow motion to me cause I was thinking about all the options that I could have done to avoid getting hit by this car,” says Carter.

Really two choices…. Dive to the right and get pinned between two cars… or jump.

“Through the grace of God protecting over me, I jumped up…in an instant, as soon as I seen the headlights, I jumped in the air. The car hit me on my side. I was able to reach out to the concrete wall and propel myself over the concrete wall there,” says Carter.

And even after hitting the ground and coming to…he says his training kicked in and he radioed for help.

“I know where he gets his strength, mom. He gets it from you,” says Chief Art Acevedo of the Houston Police Department.

Not only was Chief Art Acevedo news conference today the first time the public has seen this footage, it was also the first time for Officer Carter’s mother.

“I’m just amazed. God is good, God is real. God saved my son. He’s here for a reason,” says Debra Carter.

Carter says she’s thankful for the community’s support and prayers and says while her son is in pain, he’s not paralyzed.

“With God’s help, he’s gonna make it through,” says Debra Carter.

Now she and police hope this message gets through, too.

“You have to stay off the roads when you’re drinking and driving. It’s senseless,” says Debra Carter.

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