CSU parents and students react to campus carry bill

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Freshman students are now settled and moved into their new home at Columbus State University.

It’s the first semester under the new campus carry law however, most of the students we interviewed wern’t even aware of the new law that was passed.

“This is totally new to me. That’s crazy I’ve never heard of this before. This is my first time hearing of it.” Kristian Carter, Columbus State University Student

That’s the response from some students when we told them that House Bill 280 was signed by Governor Nathan Deal.

The law allows anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry firearms on public college and university campuses.

It’s a decision that does not sit well with one Columbus State University father we talked to.

“I’m a strong supporter of THE 2nd amendment it’s a part of the country’s culture and history but I’m not a big fan of having guns with the students in school. All the drinking all the partying.” Franklin, Columbus State University Student

We asked the university to speak on camera about the campus carry law, they declined citing this was the first day for students moving back on campus.

However they directed us to the universities website detailing popular questions and answers coming from the Columbus State University Police Department.

“Throughout the whole year you were always told not to bring weapons to school so now that they are actually allowing us to do that is kind of different. It kind of puts a different feeling in my body.” Kristian Carter, Columbus State University Student

One student says knowing only students with permits will be able to carry guns makes her feel better.

“It’s a good thing if you have your permit if you have your license because you know people are crazy and the world is cold, and people will do anything.” Takaya Henry, Columbus State University Student

It’s a gun matter one father doesn’t understand.

“I went to Georgia State for my undergrad I went to West Georgia for grad school, I never needed a gun. I don’t know why we need one now.” Franklin, Columbus State University Student

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