6 arrests, 5 guns & multiple drugs seized by MCSO

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office is to thank for removing five guns and various drugs off the streets. That evidence was collected from two homes on the same street on the same day.

Thursday, police explained how they were able to make the streets of Columbus just a little bit more safe.

“It’s not so much a drug seizure in this case..I think a more significant issue is the number of weapons that were seized and taken off the street,” says Major Joe McCrea.

Major Joe McCrea says the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office was hard at work Wednesday afternoon. In addition to five guns being seized from two homes, Major McCrea says drugs and cash were seized.

“Approximately 11 grams of cocaine and 11 grams of marijuana in addition to some controlled substance…some pills that were seized with codeine and 600 dollars in cash,” says Major McCrea.

McCrea says one of the drug busts happened in the 2400 block of Dawson Street around 1:40 p.m. McCrea says Charles Kitchens and Christopher Williams were both arrested. Their charges include possession of cocaine with intent and two counts of a possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. McCrea tells News 3 the Sheriff’s Office had been monitoring the tow homes where the goods were seized Wednesday.

“Working this investigation for approximately a month,” says Major McCrea.

The second home was located in the 2600 block of Dawson Street. Police seized three guns and various guns shortly before 3 p.m. Emmanuel Walton, Antonius Dowsey and Emmanuel Jones were arrested. A woman, Hoard Kamra was also arrested. Their charges include possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Police describe some things to look out for if you see possible drug-related activity.

“A pattern of traffic that comes frequently, stays for a short period of time, in and out..on a constant basis..which is typically consistent with a house that’s selling narcotics,” says Major McCrea.

Police say if you suspect there is any illegal drug activity happening in your area, you are urged to call the Sheriff’s Office Investigative Unit. Their number is 706-653-4235.

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