Russell County Parks and Rec attempt to avoid financial-bind

RUSSELL COUNTY, Al.-     Representatives with Parks and Rec in Russell County are trying to avoid future issues but a lack of funds may make that difficult.

That was a main topic discussed during Monday’s Russell County

Commissioners meeting.


“You just kinda have to shift your funds around to make ends meet until the end of the year.”- says Bill Friend, Coordinator for Parks and Rec Russell County.

Monday evening he made a proposal to the Russell County Commissioners.

Friend says, they may not even be able to pay the water bill.

But that’s not all.

:”Motor vehicles, repairs and maintenance…most of the miscellaneous supplies are stuff for the mowers…blades and a lot of repairs we’ve done.”- says Friend.

Friend provided even more specifics when talking to me.

“We have to take care of all the grass maintenance. We have to take care of any electric issues at both sports complexes. We also got 19 other areas of responsibility: walking trails, senior activities center that we maintain.”- says Friend.

Friend also says it’s because of unplanned repairs- That Parks and Rec Russell County is finding itself in a bind.

“Underground leaks at one of the ball fields…caused the water bill to go up more than what was expected.”- says Friend.

Friend says Monday’s budget-fund shift proposes a switch-around of about 35 hundred dollars.

I asked if his proposal does not get approved- would it have any effect on any Parks and Rec entertainment in the area.

Well right now it wouldn’t. You just try to prepare what can happen down the line.”- says Friend.

Friend explains why he’s confident his proposal will get approved.

“Just a law you have to bring to the county commission to have it transferred that’s all.”- says Friend.


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