Hawks football looks to reach new heights after last years stellar season

— Intensity. That’s what head coach Michael Woolridge and the Hardaway Hawks say they are turning up to level ten this year.

“Just outwork the previous day. You always want to get better every day. We also tell them, if you don’t work you don’t eat. If you don’t work hard, how that translates to football is you’re not going to see wins. You’ve got to put in the work to see the results,” says Woolridge.

And great results is what the Hawks got last year under then, first year head coach Michael Woolridge. Turning around a program that had only won a handful of games in about five years total. The players have bought into his system.

“This year we have a lot more discipline. And we’re giving a lot more effort than we did last year, says Senior RB Marco Lee.

I’m very excited. Especially for coach Woolridge. Because he’s been beating it in our heads that if you put the effort in in practice than it’s going to show up in the game and that’s what we hope to show,” says senior LB Clyde Albright.

From spring ball to fall ball, these guys say they are ready to start hitting someone else. And they’ll get that opportunity in two weeks when the Hawks kick off their season on Thursday, August 17th against Troup County.

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