MCSD expands free breakfast and lunch program

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Muscogee County School District has expanded its free breakfast and lunch program to three schools in the district.

If your student goes to Blanchard Elementary School, Midland Academy, or Shaw High School you’re in luck.

These three schools have been added to the list of 41 schools across the county that are involved in the “community eligible provision.”

The provision allows all children who attend an eligible school to eat breakfast and lunch for free.

For students who don’t attend CEP schools, the price for breakfast at Muscogee County Elementary schools are 95 cents and two dollars and 35 cents for lunch and at middle schools and high schools breakfast is $1.20 and lunch $2.60.

Also an important reminder to parents and guardians, if your child has an outstanding balance from last year you must contact the school’s nutrition manager to pay the balance in-full before the first day of school.

For a full list of all the schools that under the provision click here.

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