Couple returns lost ring to family after 45 years

LAGRANGE, Ga. — Imagine this, a man loses his class ring on Jekyll Island more than 40 years ago. Tuesday night, the ring was returned to the family.

Tallapoosa County couple Jaeson and Brittany Smith presented it to Daniel Williams, inside of a music box, in LaGrange. Daniel is the son of the ring’s owner, who passed away from cancer in 2009. Daniel says he believes his father’s spirit lives on. He also says, he doesn’t believe the events that led up to Tuesday are a part of any coincidence at all.

“They stepped over mountains,” says Daniel Williams of Phenix City says in response to the Smiths’ efforts.

Jaeson and Brittany Smith were on Jekyll Island last week when Brittany happened to make a discovery.

“My wife and her father, my father-in-law went out on the beach at low-tide and it was about 11 o clock in the morning I came home from lunch and they found the ring…along with lots of sea shells,” says Jaeson Smith.

The ring belonged to Daniel’s father, Kenneth Williams. Daniels says his dad was on his third date with Daniel’s mom when the ring was lost back in 1972. Last week, the couple learned the ring belonged to a 1969 Glynn Academy senior with the initials KWW. From there the online research began.

“The Glynn Academy Alumni web site for 1969… and we were able to find the initials on the ring and there was only one person that graduated that class that started with a K and last name was with a W and that was Mr. Kenneth Williams,” says Jaeson Smith.

Jaeson later learned Kenneth died from cancer back in 2009. Jaeson says he had just created an account with Through that site, he managed to find an obituary. Kenneth’s son Daniel was listed there. Jaeson, then took to Facebook giving Daniel a call on Facebook Messenger. Tuesday evening, both families met for the special ring exchange.

The Smiths presented the ring in a music box. The song playing is, “How Great Thou Art.”

“One of my dad’s favorite hymnal songs. It was played at his funeral,” says Daniel Williams.

Daniel says, the ring will now be used in his sister Leslie’s wedding in May of 2018. News 3 caught up with the sister over the phone.

“It is going to be on the stems of my bouquet…there’s gonna be a ribbon around the stems and the ring is gonna be inner-looped in that,” says Leslie Williams.

Leslie says this way, she can have her daddy close to her on her special day. Daniel shares a special message for the Smiths, the couple who helped make all of this possible.

“My dad would always say thank you so much and welcome to the family,” he says.

Daniel says when he received the ring, he heard his dad speak to him. He says Mr. Kenneth told him you’re welcome. Daniel says he believes his dad’s message was his way of saying, I’m always here.

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