CNBC labels Alabama as the worst state to live in

(WKRG) — It seems like the folks at CNBC need an invite to an Iron Bowl party or a little downtime at Gulf Shores and with their toes in the sugar-white sands because a recent CNBC article labels Alabama as “the worst state to live in 2017.”

“Far be it from us to throw shade on your home sweet home, but the data does not lie.” That’s the first line from a recent CNBC article that used data from various “quality of life” categories to come up with the 10 worst states to live.

While states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky also made the losers list, according to the article, no state was worse than Alabama.

“Sweet home? Not if you are over 50, a minority, gay or transgender and you are concerned about discrimination. Alabama is one of only five states with no statewide legal protections for those groups, making it one of America’s least inclusive states. It is also one of America’s least healthy states, with the nation’s third-highest rate of premature deaths. On a positive note, the skies are blue and the governor’s true,” the article continues.

While the article states that Alabama’s disappointing ranking is based on its inclusiveness, health, and crime, there are a lot of Alabamians who would disagree; proud to live in Sweet Home Alabama.

Dear Scott Cohn and CNBC,
As a TV station in the “worst state to live in,” we would like to invite you down to Alabama for a visit.
You can pick any time of the year; they’re all great here. Whether you’re putting your toes in the sand at Gulf Shores on a sunny summer afternoon, or yelling “Roll Tide” and “War Eagle” during football season, you can’t pick a bad time to come.
We must warn you though, we will put sugar in your tea and serve you up some of the best bar-b-que and seafood you’ve ever tasted, so you better come with an appetite.  We suppose our love of good cooking might also be our weakness since “health” issues are among the data points you compiled for your list of rankings.
We know we’re not perfect, but we also know that picking the best and worst states to live probably should rely on more than the categories in your article.
We hope you pay us a visit.
From the Sweet Home Alabama,
WKRG Staff

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