Alabama Governor Kay Ivey makes a stop in Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. — As part of her “Listen, Learn, Help and Lead Tour,” Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey paid a visit to the Plains on Tuesday.

The tour was part of the governor being able to learn the needs of the community and how to better serve the people.

“It’s always good to get out with what I call real people that are outside Montgomery, at least 50 miles so you get a clearer understanding of opportunities and challenges that are real and that our people are addressing,” Gov. Ivey said. “That’s always beneficial.”

The morning started at Ogletree Elementary, where Gov. Ivey spoke to 150 Auburn City Schools teachers for their orientation. From there, it was to the GE Aviation plant in Auburn. The governor then visited the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine and Auburn’s soon to be completed nursing and pharmacy schools.

It was then time for the governor to see the 350,000 square foot Auburn High School. She told reporters that it was an impressive, state-of-the-art facility. She also added that the success of the city is visible to the rest of the state.

“Auburn seems to be thriving, and that’s a good thing,” Gov. Ivey said. “When our local areas thrive, the whole state is better off. I haven’t seen any problems in this area. You’ve got a brand new building, great facilities, state-of-the-art labs. Y’all seem to be doing great here in Lee County.”

“I truly believe that she sincerely is doing these tours because they are without question a grind, but she’s doing them to try and better this state and all these cities in the state in general, so I’m appreciative,” Auburn Mayor Bill Ham said.

The afternoon concluded with a roundtable discussion at the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center with business and civic leaders to learn the successes of the city, what they hope to accomplish and more.

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