2 brothers in Trump masks rob dozens of ATMs

TURIN, Italy (WKRG) — Taking a page straight out of Hollywood, two brothers wore Donald Trump masks as they robbed dozens of ATMs in Italy.

Surveillance video from one of the crimes shows one of the brothers setting off some kind of explosive device to get into one of the machines.

Donald Trump masks, tools and other items recovered following the arrest of two bank robbers in Turin, Italy. Alessandro Di Marco/ANSA via AP

Italian police are later seen swarming the bank to make the arrests.

Investigators say the brothers were responsible for multiple ATM robberies in the city of Turin, about 90 miles southwest of Milan.

The video of the robbery may remind some people of “Point Break” — the 1991 bank heist movie starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. In the film, the robbers wear masks of various former presidents.

However, after their arrest, the brothers told police they were inspired by a movie, but it wasn’t “Point Break.”

Their statement to police indicated they were inspired by “The Jackal” starring Bruce Willis, who changes the color of his car while fleeing police. In the Italian robberies, the brothers painted over their white car with black paint.

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