Changes you should know about this upcoming school year

COLUMBUS, Ga. — In Muscogee County students will pay more for lunch this year.

Elementary students will pay $2.35, middle and high schoolers will pay $2.60.

Students will pay more for high school basketball tickets, tickets are now $7.00

School-aged children of military families in Fort Benning, are now allowed to attend school in Muscogee County.

Spring Break will be later this year, the dates are scheduled for March 26, 2018- March 30, 2018.

One parent says her kids are ready for the changes.

“Just about they’re not maybe ready on routine still wanting to sleep in a little bit in the morning, but we’re getting closer,” says Susan Northrop-Jackson.

Russell County students will see a few changes as well.

There are three new pre-k classes added to the district.

Sixth graders will now be at Russell County Middle School, students at Mount Olive will be rezoned to Oliver and students at Ladonia will be rezoned to Dixie.

Jasponica Florence with Russell County schools say there’s a new program that will allow students to work from.

“Warriors Virtual Academy, this gives our students a non-traditional approach to earning their traditional high school diploma from Russell County High School, it gives students an online opportunity,” says Florence.

Northrop-Jackson says her family is ready to take on what they are anticipating to be another excellent year.

“Just excited about school starting and everything thats offered for them to learn and to grow in our community,” says Susan Northrop-Jackson.

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