Caught on camera: Mohina Woods home burglarized

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Caught on camera! Multiple young men trying to break into a home. The family, on edge Monday night.

“I’m definitely disappointed in the fact that this is a recurring event throughout the city,” says Wade Cliatt.

Cliatt is a homeowner in the Mohina Woods Neighborhood in Columbus. He says his surveillance video caught a group of men outside of his home, trying to get inside. Cliatt is a newlywed. Thankfully, he and his wife were not home during the time of the reported incident.

“About 11:15 he got an alert from his camera that somebody was at his house,” says Will Cliatt, Wade’s father.

Will describes what his son, Wade, did next.

“He was looking at the live video called 911 and while he was on the phone with 911…his alarm went off,” says Will Cliatt.

Will says, the video shows the suspect near the garage, trying to get inside the home. They weren’t able to get inside this way, but there was a back door they used to make their entry.

Will Cliatt: “Damaged two doors.”

Reporter: “In the back of the home?

“Well, the door that they were kicking in is gonna have to be replaced and the door in the back of the house needs to be replaced too,” says Will Cliatt.

Thankfully, According to Wade, the homeowner, the doors are back to being secured. Will explains what the suspect’s managed to get away with.

“They got a TV and they got a gun and they got some jewelry,” says Will Cliatt.

Will says we could learn more things were stolen. He says, the items listed are just the ones that are noticeably missing. Wade says Monday’s incident has really put him on edge.

“It’s not easy to think about when you’re going to sleep at night that that could happen while we’re here so and my wife were not home,” says Wade Cliatt.

Wade says he first decided to get a surveillance camera after he was robbed twice at his home a few years ago. He says he’s expecting to pay about $1,000 in repairs. He says he has insurance to cover the costs.

News 3 reached out to police to learn more about Monday’s reported burglary and other reports that have been surfacing since Sunday. Unfortunately, police have not returned our calls.

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