Protesters hope to put an end to violence in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — After three murders in one day, Columbus protesters respond by taking to the streets to end the violence.

News 3’s Ken Martin met with a group of the activists who met up in the areas where three consecutive homicides rocked several local neighborhoods Saturday morning. They say violence in the city has gone too far and they plan to stand up to it.

“We started looking at the situations that’s going on out here on the streets people are being killed. We started seeing the numbers of people that are being killed and we figured somebody’s got to do something, somebody has to bring awareness. We can see it on social media we can see it on the news,” says one protester Benjamin Whitaker.

Protest organizer Mark Lawrence says he hopes Sunday’s protests will shed light on the impact violent crimes have on the entire community.

“I want the violence so stop and I’m going to be here yelling in the streets stop the violence because it haven’t happened at my front door, but it could and I want to stop it before it happens to somebody else’s son somebody else’s daughter let us stop the violence right now,” Lawrence says.

Reporter Ken Martin asked demonstrators what they think is causing all the recent killings.

“The lack of jobs in many cases, lack of education. We understand being poor doesn’t make you have to commit crimes but we’re looking at that as a partial part of the issues that they are facing the lack of opportunities,” says Whitaker.

Lawrence says he is organizing an “End to the Violence March” soon in Columbus. He says he plans to organize additional protests to cover any areas affected by local violence in the future.

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