New fire training center opens in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Practice makes perfect. Especially when it comes to saving lives.

Columbus firefighters and first responders are more prepared than ever thanks to a new $1.9 million training facility.

For two years, new firefighters had to train at a center in Fort Benning because the old center in Columbus wasn’t safe enough to use.

The new center means firefighters will have more opportunities to train in real-life scenarios.

“I would guarantee to say this is by far one of the best burn facilities within the southeast if not over the entire country,” Chief Deputy of Training Greg Lang said. “It’s something we can be very proud of.”

This facility follows the trend of Columbus’ willingness to spend money on services that help the public.

“We actually spend 40-percent of our budget on public safety, which is the largest per capita expenditure of any community in Georgia of our size,” Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said.

The new facility is located behind station nine on Macon Road, which was built about a year ago and cost more than $2 million to build.

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