Boys and Girls Club react to recent shootings in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Summer camp is in session at the Boys and Girls Club on Cusseta Road.

The group says they are committed to making sure kids are safe and busy this summer, they say doors are locked for protection during camp hours.

“We always keep our doors locked from the outside anyone who tries to get access in they’ll have to get permission, we’ll know if the person is coming in. Certain doors are locked so the children will not be able to go outside by themselves,” says Kaneisha Herring.

Herring says the recent shootings in the area haven’t had an impact on summer camps.

If there is an issue, it’s addressed quickly with the camp leaders and parents.

“We try to address it with the child and the parents,” says Herring.

The leaders at the Boys & Girls Club recognize crime is an issue.

News 3 asked Mayor Teresa Tomlinson about it.

“We monitor this very, very closely and unfortunately one of the things about crime that’s so very frustrating not only in Columbus but across the country is that crimes in particular tend to happen in clusters so we’ll go 90 days 110 days without a murder and then they’ll be several in a row,” says Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

As a way to combat crime, the folks at the Boys & Girls Club is encouraging the community to volunteer.

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