Alabama Governor Kay Ivey celebrates first 100 days in office

(File: Alabama Governor Kay Ivey)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Inside the Old Archives Room of the Alabama State Capitol, Gov. Kay Ivey was met with a chorus of applause when she entered the room Thursday afternoon.

Thursday was the 54th governor’s 101st day in office.

Governor Ivey told the room of reporters that before she took office, a great cloud hung over the state, and there was a great uncertainty that hindered the ability to attract new jobs, carry out people’s business and hindered the ability to focus on meeting the challenges for all people.

“We certainly haven’t cured all that ails our great state, but I am proud to report to you today that we have steadied the ship of state,” Gov. Ivey said. “We have removed the cloud of uncertainty, and we have focused on nothing but trying to do what is right and best for the people of Alabama.”

During the press conference, Gov. Ivey discussed how her administration has cut bureaucratic red tape, expanded pre-kindergarten opportunities in the state and more. She wants to focus on making each corner of the state a place for business investment and expansion along with improving infrastructure and much more.

She told the crowd that she and her administration will adhere to their promise of being open and transparent, and that she wants to leave the state better than when she found it.

“The dark days of ineffective and unresponsive government are truly behind us,” Gov. Ivey said. “Now, we enter into an era that lives up to the lofty ideals of government being a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

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