Sexual assault reported on Auburn University’s campus

AUBURN, Ala. — Auburn’s Department of Campus Safety and Security said their office was notified Tuesday evening that a sexual assault allegedly took place in a campus dorm Monday night.

They said the alleged perpetrator was a known acquaintance of the victim’s friend, and the incident was reported by a third party.

In a release sent out to campus, the university said that nearly 90% of all completed or attempted rapes on college campuses are committed by acquaintances.

“If you see something, say something,” Interim Executive Director of Campus Security and Safety Chance Corbett said. “We want them to report any suspicious or criminal activity. We have a great police department in the Auburn Police Division that are going to investigate immediately when possible and try to come to a quick resolution. We think it’s important. We put the message out there that safety is number one for our campus, and we want everyone here to be as safe as possible.”

The university asks folks to remember

  • Rape is never the survivor’s fault, and that sexual assault can happen to anyone.
  • Forcing sexual contact on another person without consent is against the law, and depending on the nature of the contact, it may be a felony.
  • All those involved in a sexual act must give consent to all aspects of the act. Consent is a clear and sober “yes,” given freely.

Victims of sexual assault should:

  • Preserve evidence. Do not shower or change clothing.
  • Dial 911 for emergency assistance or go to the nearest hospital immediately and request a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam

Reporting options include:

  • 911 for emergencies
  • 334-501-3100 for the Auburn Police Division. Police are the only entity that can investigate a sexual assault for the means of criminal prosecution.
  • Call 334-844-4794 to report the incident to Auburn University’s Title IX coordinator. This office receives official complaints of violations to the university’s Title IX Policy.
  • All survivors are encouraged to report the assault, but it is always the survivor’s choice whether or not to do so.

Sexual Assault Survivor Advocates you can reach out to 24 hours a day include:

  • Safe Harbor (on campus) 334-844-7233 or
  • Rape Counselors of East Alabama (community) 334-705-0510


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