Georgia Gubernatorial candidate visits Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — News 3 is learning more about a woman in the running to become the next Georgia Governor. She wrapped up a town hall in Columbus Tuesday night.

Stacey Abrams is the current House Minority Leader for the Georgia General Assembly. Abrams could make history. If she wins the Georgia Governor’s seat, she would be the nation’s first female, African-American Governor. Abrams says this isn’t the main focus of her campaign. Some of the items of her platform include, putting an end to poverty and also establishing what she calls, good government.

Stacey Abrams held a town hall for dozens Tuesday night, at the Frank D. Chester Recreation Center in Columbus.

“I wanna be Governor for all of Georgia because I believe we need to create pathways for success where our families don’t just survive…they succeed,” says Abrams.

Abrams now represents the Democratic Party as a Gubernatorial Candidate. Just before giving her speech to the crowd, she broke down her platform to News 3.

“Reforming education is important but it’s also about expanding what we think is education…going from cradle to career and educating bold and ambitious children,” says Abrams.

Abrams says education isn’t the only big issue she plans to tackle.

“Then it’s building a thriving and diverse economy and so minimum wage is important but it’s also important for us to start re-investing in small businesses, helping entrepreneurs but also helping businesses that exist, expand so that people don’t have to move to succeed,” says Abrams.

Abrams says jobs is another part of her focus.

“We talk about new jobs but the issue is not just having more jobs, it’s having good jobs..good paying jobs,” says Abrams.

Abrams says she understands what it’s going to take to bring all the parts of her platform to life.

“But to make those things happen government has to work for everyone. Voter suppression is an important issue because you can’t get people to trust their government..if they can’t participate in it,” says Abrams.

Abrams says if she’s fortunate enough to become governor, she understands the job requires a team-effort.

“As a legislator I was very proud of the fact that before I introduced a single piece of legislation I made sure we didn’t already have a bill in place to do it that we weren’t implementing and so as governor I would work very closely with the legislature to solve these problems,” says Abrams.

The next election for Georgia Governor will take place November 6, 2018.

For those who don’t know, Abrams is also a published author of several books. Tuesday, she told News 3 she has another book in the works. She says there could be plans for a book signing next year.


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