Teen cancer survivor to take trip of a lifetime with the Miracle Riders

COLUMBUS, Ga. — A local teen is about to take the ride of a lifetime to raise awareness for the fight against cancer. It’s a fight that, for him, got personal.

Andrew Wade was diagnosed with cancer back in 2013. Today, he struggles and survives alongside his classmates at the Brookstone School in Columbus.

Andrew’s school friends are now making it possible for him to travel to the Arctic Circle to raise awareness and funds for cancer treatment. The Brookstone School is sponsoring his trip with the Miracle Riders, a motorcycle group dedicated to riding across the country for charity.

This year, the group — with Andrew in tow —  will travel to Alaska. Thanks to the school’s donations, one bike will have “Brookstone Class of 2019” proudly stamped across the front.

Monday, Andrew’s classmates and the Miracle Riders met up to celebrate their upcoming trip.

“A lot of my classmates don’t know about the Miracle Riders that much. There’s a lot of people here, so it’s good that we’ll be able to show everyone what we do and why we’re here,” Andrew says.

Founder of the Miracle Riders Scott Ressmeyer has made many journeys across the nation for good causes. He says this time, the riders will be happy to support Andrew and his fight against cancer.

“Today is kind of a celebration for Andrew getting ready to go on his first ride with us. You know we’ve been doing this ride for seven years,” he says.

Ressmyeir and the Miracle Riders have traveled to 48 states. This trip will be a chance to spice things up.

“We chose to do Alaska. It’s a state that we haven’t been to,” Ressmyeir says. “The past rides we’ve always done the lower 48 states and we would do it continuously so we feel like we need to do something different.”

Andrew says he’s excited for his trip to the Arctic Circle, but he adds he isn’t the only one.

“My parents like I said they’re excited. I’m excited too of course, they’re all like ‘It’s a once in a life time opportunity’ and my dad was like ‘I’ve never been to Alaska’. It was on his bucket list and stuff like that,” Andrew says enthusiastically. “I’m only 17 so it’s nice to do something this nice at this age.”

He also says he’s thankful for the sponsorship from the Brookstone School.

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