Friend of Richard Cummings, Jr. speaks out about Friday night’s shooting

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Brandy Brown is one of Richard Cumming’s closest friends.

She says she hasn’t been able to sleep since she found out her childhood friend was shot Friday at the Hannah Heights Apartments off Farr Road in Columbus.

“I have a son that looked up to him as a big brother from him staying the night at my house I mean taking him to school I mean we did a lot together,” Brown says.

Brown says Cummings was excited about getting ready to leave for college. She says he had only two weeks left before heading to Walfdorf University.

Those in the community say they don’t understand the senseless violence.

“What I don’t understand it, it’s just pitiful. That’s all I got to say. Everyday it’s something with the black folks,” a neighbor tells News 3.

“It’s bad to get a phone call it’s bad to see a young man on a stretcher and yet the city of Columbus keep saying we don’t have a problem with crime,” responds local mother Tonza Thomas.

Brown says she’s just trying to cope with the lost of a close friend.

“I want everybody to stay strong keep going that’s what RJ would do I know he want the best for my son, his nephew, his dad,” she says.

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