Krispy Kreme celebrates 80th birthday with 80¢ dozen deal

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The “Hot Sign” at the Krispy Kreme on Veteran’s Parkway is on and will stay on all day Friday as thousands of doughnuts roll down the line for the company’s 80th birthday celebration.

Krispy Kreme pays tribute to it’s #OriginalGlazed doughnuts which rolled hot and fresh into the first stores in 1937. Friday, anyone who buys any assortment box of one dozen sweet treats will be offered a dozen original glazed for only 80¢.

General Manager Liquita Godfrey says the employees have been baking all day and night Thursday to get ready for the birthday celebration.

“Well we baked all the other flavors yesterday so we could just make the glazed ones today,” Godfrey says. “You don’t gotta worry that we’ll run out though, that hot sign will be on all day. If it’s on, we got doughnuts.”

She also tells News 3’s Mikhaela Singleton the store is expecting thousands more orders than usual.

Mikhaela Singleton: “So how many doughnuts do you sell maybe on a regular day?”

Liquita Godfrey: “On a regular day we might sell like 1,500 boxes.”

Mikhaela Singleton: “Fifteen-hundred boxes of a dozen? So how many do you think you’ll sell today?”

Liquita Godfrey: “Well hopefully we’ll sell over 3,000.”

Mikhaela Singleton: “Wow! Three-thousand! I’m gonna have to do the math on that one.”

In fact that math tallies up to more than 36,000 doughnuts passing out the Krispy Kreme doors in a single day. The company says most of its locations in the U.S. and Canada will participate in the promotional offer.

Click here to find the Krispy Kreme nearest you.

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