Rise in shootings calls for community help

COLUMBUS, Ga. — It was just Wednesday when News 3 reported another shooting in Columbus.

A local group suggest the violence is coming from a desperation of wanting to be loved and cared for.

“The children who are committing these things think about it. They are putting themselves at risk for being murdered and murdering people that’s not a good place to be. That shows desperation. The desperation come from the gap, lack of resources,” says J Aleem Hud.

Hud says he would like to see more resources from local government.

“We could have thousands of young people in after school programs doing constructive things in our community so therefore if you start at 12 by the time they get to 13 and 14 it’s like a pattern has been set of construction as opposed to destruction,” says J Aleem Hud.

Dominique X knows first hand what it’s like to be apart of a gang, he says the shootings have to do with disputes between people.

“The Bloods, The Cripps, and GD if all of them are hanging together we don’t have a gang problem the murders that we are seeing of senseless violence is due to the fact of personal issues with one another,” says Dominique X.

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