Lee County Humane Society running a special through Sunday

LEE COUNTY, Ala. — Through Sunday, the Lee County Humane Society is a running special where all cats regardless of being spayed or neutered and dogs that have been spayed or neutered are $15. Pets must be in the shelter and not in foster care to be part of the special.

Right now, the shelter has 115 animals, but have more than 300 in foster care.

News Three had the chance to catch up with a LCHS alum. Back in June, six puppies were found in a hot car at the Lee County Justice Center by sheriff’s deputies. The five that made it were taken to the humane society later in the month. All of them have been adopted.

One of the puppies, Eloise, now known as Luna is in a happy home with the Deshazo family.

The family says she loves to play, and has made a tremendous difference in their family.

“She’s really connected with the kids,” Dustin Deshazo said. “It’s kind of a dream. We got a new house, and he (their son) was running off to a friend’s house and said, ‘oh, I’m gonna go next door to see my friend and take my dog.’ He ran out the door with his new dog, and it was like, alright, we’re good.”


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