Investigators seek public’s help in missing woman and murdered husband case

LEE COUNTY, Ala. — Investigators are hoping to find answers as to what happened to Kristi Sharritt and who killed her husband, Jeffery, but they are asking for the public’s help in both of these cases.

On Tuesday, teams searched the couple’s last known residence in Phenix City, but did not find anything. Kristi Sharritt’s son, Johnny Vance was hoping to hear something different.

“I was hoping they would have found my mom,” Vance said. “I would have at least known where she was or a lead to where she went.”

The Phenix City Police Department is leading the missing person’s case, while the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is leading the murder investigation of her husband, Jeffery.

“Anytime you have a case like this where it’s been three years since they were last seen, it definitely makes our jobs a lot more difficult,” Capt. George Staudinger of PCPD said. “We’re hoping, and I think Van Jackson would agree with me that by getting this information out to the public, it may spark some interest in somebody that saw something or remembers something from that time frame.”

“We will not leave any stone unturned, so to speak, in regards to looking for information that will help us to find out exactly what happened to these two individuals,” Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said.

While the family of Kristi still holds out hope, they can’t help but think of the worst.

“She was always on Facebook,” Vance said. “She was always in touch, and she’s never gone three years without talking to any of us. She was always there. I kind of feel that something already happened to her.”

Anyone with information in these cases are asked to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 334-749-5651 or the Phenix City Police Department at 334-448-2800.


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