Campus Carry: Practicing gun safety

COLUMBUS, Ga. — As of July first, the conceal carry law at Georgia public colleges and universities is already in effect.

Students ages 21 and up that are residents of the state, with concealed carry permits will be allowed to carry their gun on some areas of the campus.

Columbus State University’s fall semester kicks off in a month and hundreds of students on campus may be exercising their right to carry a gun.

Safety is a priority, which is why we spoke with Shooters of Columbus to get some gun safety tips for students.

If you choose to legally bring your gun on campus, it must be concealed at all times.

CSU’s policy states open carry is still illegal on campus.

If you’re a first-time gun owner with a concealed carry license, here are few more tips to help you become more prepared:

  1. You should never purchase a holster without testing it.
  2. Know that fashionable belts will not hold your gun.
  3. Always treat the gun as if it’s loaded and keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  4. Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  5. Try not to adjust your holster in public to avoid scaring others around you.
  6. Always make sure the gun safety switch is on.
  7. Keep the concealed carry permit is on you at all times.


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