‘Snortable’ chocolate product concerning health officials

Members of Congress and health officials are worried about a product called Coco Loko.

It’s being marketed as a legal high. At least one member of Congress has called on the FDA to investigate the ingredients in this new snortable chocolate called Coco Loko.

Senator Charles Shumer wants the FDA to look into Coco Loko. He believes the snortable chocolate powder is dangerous.

“It sounds sweet, but the health consequences could be anything but sweet,” said Senator Shumer.

And he’s not alone. Since Coco Loko is also laced with many of the stimulants found in energy drinks, the concern isn’t just about the chocolate powder. It’s being marketed as a legal high producing an “endorphin rush” and “calm focus.”

One of the additives, Taurine, can lead to dangerously low blood pressure if over consumed.  The Company that makes Coco Loko, Legal Lean, posts a disclaimer on their website telling customers to consume responsibly.

News 3 reached to Legal Lean, the company that makes the Coco Loko. They responded by saying that the results have yet to be proven.

News 3 did not find any stores that sell the product in our area, but it is sold online.

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