Recognizing domestic violence in our community

COLUMBUS, Ga. — According to “Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence is a big deal not only across the valley but across the nation.

“It is our goal to provide information and resources to help people who have been negatively impacted by an incident of domestic violence,” says Annie Davis.

According to the group’s statistics one out of every three women are negatively impacted by a domestic violence incident.

One out of every four men are negatively impacted as well. The group says many victims are afraid to speak about the crimes they endured.

“A lot of people may think that if you don’t die or you don’t get punched that you may not be be domestically abused but what we want people to understand is it starts very slowly,” says Annie Davis.

One woman who attended the seminar says it’s important that the community support domestic violence victims.

“I think that people don’t realize how many people have been impacted by it and it has a stigma that is often over looked and so people are afraid to come forward and I think we need to do something in the community to let people know that it’s not alright and that there is an opportunity for them to come forward and get the help that they need,” says Melanie Conner.

According to the group, domestic violence victims don’t report their crimes because they may not view it as a crime, are to embarrassed or ashamed, think they will be blamed, fear law enforcement will not do anything, or fear the perpetrator.

“This certainly is an issue for the community it’s not just for a small group of people,” says Melanie Conner.

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