St. Francis Hospital to eliminate dozens of jobs


COLUMBUS, Ga. — St. Francis Hospital announces Tuesday it will have to cut close to 50 jobs in the interest of “financial stability in an uncertain healthcare environment.”

A press release by Public Information Officer Kendra Wright says bedside care positions will not be affected by the staffing changes.

The full press release is as follows:

When St. Francis Hospital joined LifePoint Health 18 months ago, we were given an exciting fresh start. We knew that turning this organization around in the right way would take time, and we are pleased with the great strides we have made in strengthening St. Francis for the future.  We continue to take the necessary steps to ensure our financial stability in an uncertain healthcare environment.  We have made progress on many fronts, including tremendous progress on our quality measures. However, we have still found it necessary to make the difficult decision to make some staffing changes. We are restructuring a number of departments, which will, unfortunately, result in the elimination of approximately 50 positions. No bedside care positions have been impacted. We are offering employees affected by this change transition support and are encouraging many to apply for other open positions at our hospital.

Decisions like this are never easy, and we do not make them lightly, but we are confident this will assist us in strengthening our hospital and enhancing our ability to provide quality care for our patients for generations to come.

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