Columbus Public Library helps kids learn more about African American history

COLUMBUS, GA — Even though school is out, organizers say that doesn’t mean learning has to end.

Sunday, a group of kids came together at the Columbus Public Library watching free movies and learning more about black history.

Organizers say it’s important for the African American youth to learn the troubled past of their ancestors and understand how far we’ve come as a people.

“History is fun. You can read books you can learn knowledge it’s fun,” says Amileah Walker, one of the young participants.

Organizers say African American ancestors fought too hard for the freedoms we have today. They say based on those efforts, we shout all be mindful of the actions we take.

“We want to expose our kids to the complete truth and that way that will bring them up to become great professionals and to generate more income and food, clothing, shelter for themselves,” says one organizer, Willie Johnson.

Organizers say they believe having self love will result in a better community including helping decrease the crime rate in Columbus.

“It will stop it before it’s even started. If we change the mindset of our youth to do better and want to be better the violence will stop so we’re exposing them to the truth,” says Corie Wilson another event organizer.

They explain why exactly they chose to show cartoon movies as part of Sunday’s lesson.

“What could we do to isolate our children’s mind because that’s who we really want to help our children so to make that move was the perfect idea to help isolate the children and get to there level of thinking with the cartoons and so forth,” Wilson says.

This was just the first event for young kids wanting to learn more about the African American culture. Organizers say they have more events coming soon.

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