University working to detect poor meat quality

AUBURN, Ala. — Have you ever taken a bite of chicken and had a tough time chewing it? Thanks to research at Auburn University, that may no longer be a problem.

A team at the university has taken a handheld device used for detecting the quality of fish, and re-worked it for poultry. You lace the electrodes on the device and it sends electric current through the chicken. It collects the signals and tells you if you the meat is good or not. It takes less than one second to do.

“The poultry industry will be able to easily, reliably and accurately separate meat that is tough in texture and remove it from our food supply so the consumers don’t get that kind of meat. Then, the consumer complaints will be reduced and resulting economic losses will be reduced as well,” says Asst. Professor Dept. Poultry Sciences, Amit Morey.

The university still has some more testing to do, but once that is complete, they plan to market their research.

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