Ralston Towers has until Monday to remedy health and safety violations, Columbus government says

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Columbus Consolidated Government announces it has put the company in charge of the Ralston Towers apartment complex on notice for several reported health and safety violations.

A press release issued Friday says the apartments at the corner of 12th Street and 2nd Avenue are privately owned and operated by the New Jersey company PF Holdings, LLC.

The statement says PF Holdings has been issued notice on its inadequate air and cooling systems that put residents at serious health risk. As News 3 reported, a resident was found dead in his room Thursday afternoon where the internal temperature was close to 100 degrees.

CCG Inspections and Code Director John Hudginson has sent the notice to the management company giving them until 9 a.m. Monday, July 10 to set up the minimum temporary measures to ensure residents will be protected until a more permanent solution can be found.

The directives are as follows:

  1. Moving tenants to areas in the building where the air conditioning is functioning properly.
  2. Instruct residents as to the dangers of heat and the areas in the facility where they will be kept properly cooled.
  3. Ralston staff shall assess each unit to determine its temperature and availability of air conditioning.
  4. Any unit found that does not have air conditioning which can maintain a room temperature of 80 degrees, or less, shall have a notice posted on the door which states that the unit is not habitable and should be vacated by the resident.
  5.  Any tenant whose unit is closed shall be relocated at the owner’s expense.

The release also says Ralston Towers has been the subject of several more violations in the past including fire alert and suppression systems. WRBL News 3 also reported on a fire in the building back in November 2016. The Columbus Inspections and Code Office also declared the building unsafe in April of this year after an evaluation of the fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Friday’s release says these issues had “either been brought to compliance or contracted to be remedied.”

News 3 is still waiting for a response from Ralston Towers management.

Below is a copy of the full statement from the Columbus Consolidated Government and the letter sent to PF Holdings, LLC:

This is a developing story. Stay with WRBL News 3 for updates.

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