Ralston tenants talk about living conditions, hostility from management

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Imagine paying your rent on time, doing everything that’s apart of your lease and then being treated badly by the leasing office while fighting for acceptable living conditions.

That’s exactly what some tenants say happened at the Ralston Tower Apartments.

“They keep coming up with all these lame excuses like we only have one person to work on it or we’ve ordered the part it just hadn’t got here,” says Ricky Talley.

Talley says the leasing office has threatened to evict him because he got the city involved in his complaints.

“On the eviction notice that they gave me the 30 day eviction notice they put on there because I was harassing residents. Well if I was harassing residents why did I have all of these signatures just on three floors. I did 3 floors and got seventeen signatures,” says Talley.

One tenant says she doesn’t know what the leasing office does with the work orders.

“I said Andre what do you do with those little sticky notes you right all day long and he just shrugs his shoulders. You know I went back the next day,” says Bernice Scrimpshire.

Scrimpshire says it seems like someone is always without A/C at the towers.

“Seems like somebody always I’ve been here 3 years and somebody always been out of AC. I’ve been out since right after Mother’s Day,” says Scrimpshire.

Talley says he’s still being threatened by management but he knows his rights.

“They were opening the door saying look this door open both ways if you don’t like here you can leave. Well it’s not in my lease to say if I don’t like this sub standard living condition that I can leave. According to the Georgia Landlord Tenant Laws I have a right to file grievances if ya’ll are not living up to your end of the lease,” says Talley.

It’s common rights those without A/C say they are fighting for.


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