The dangers of summer time heat

COLUMBUS, Ga —  We all love summer, but no one likes the unbearable extreme heat.

“You feel like you’re going to burst into flames at any second and your children even though they want to have fun outside it tends to get hot really quickly and you want to go back inside,” says Danielle Neal.

Jack Rogers work at Saint Francis Hospital, he warns people to prepare ahead of time for extreme heat conditions especially if you know you’re going to be outside the majority of the day.

“You need to prepare ahead of time so drinking fluids, water, Gatorade, Powerade something like that gets you ready for the event. You obviously want to stay hydrated while inside as well,” says Jack Rogers.

Rogers says this year alone Saint Francis has already treated 20 people for heat related issues.

“If you get into a heat exhaustion there you start to get pale you sweat profusely you could get sick at your stomach maybe a little vomiting to go with that,” says Rogers.

If conditions continue you should see a doctor immediately.

“When we start talking about heat stroke that’s an extreme medical emergency at that point your body can’t handle the heat anymore so you gotta move someone from the heat, you have to ice them down at that point you have to try to get fluids back in,” says Rogers.

Extreme heat that’s making one mom change the way her children play.

“We’re going to the mini public pools that are around Columbus. We’re unfortunately staying inside for a good bit of it,” says Neal.


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