Auburn City Council votes to amend ordinance to allow golf-cart like vehicles on city roadways

AUBURN, Ala. — An 8 to 1 vote from Auburn City Council, the city voted to amend a city ordinance to allow Low Speed Vehicle Taxicabs like golf carts on city roads in certain parts of the city.

The City of Auburn has been approached by a local businessman who is interested in starting a LSV taxicab service in the city for events like Auburn Football game days and downtown events.

The vehicles would only be able to operate in certain areas of the city, and can not operate on a street that has a speed limit of more than 35 miles per hour.

The city said this is one of the ways to help alleviate parking problems in downtown.

“There’s only so much room in Downtown Auburn,” Interim City Manager Jim Buston said. “There’s only so much room for parking. There’s only so much room for traffic. At some point, we have to start looking at: how do we expand that area? How do we provide parking outside that small area that is downtown? We’re Auburn, Alabama. We’re not New York.”

Auburn resident Lucas Fraley was very much in favor of the idea.

“I think it could be huge,” Fraley said. “I think it would be a game changer, and could potentially lead to a lot more money being spent downtown for people who otherwise wouldn’t come down here.”

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