Local fireworks stores see major boom in day of Fourth of July sales

PHENIX CITY, Ala. — Cindy Flowers, the “Big Mama” of Big Mama’s Fireworks said July 3 and 4 are extremely busy, but said July 4 is her store’s busiest day of the year.

Flowers said her sales on the Fourth of July are 20% higher than other times during the Fourth of July season. On Tuesday, the store was looking to make between $75,000 and $100,000 in sales.

“The day of is usually your smaller sales,” Flowers said. “The big stuff usually goes out before today, but some of it goes out today. It’s great seeing people come in, visiting with them, and seeing where all they are coming from. We’ve had them from Texas, to Florida. They’ve come from all over.”

Flowers said the store will close up in August for the season, but will re-open in October and for other major holidays. She said folks can still order online or contact the store during the off-season to arrange pickups of orders.


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