Phenix City aiming to recruit more industries

PHENIX CITY, Ala.- In an effort to keep growing and prospering, Phenix City Council voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with Myriad Partners, a firm that can help the city recruit new industries.

Economic Development Manager for the city, Shaun Culligan, said the company has a tremendous amount of resources at their disposal that the city can use that can help the city develop specific strategies devoted to the city’s industrial recruiting effort.

Utilities Director for the city, Stephen Smith, said the city has a lot to offer to potential industries.

“Location,” Smith said. “Being across the river from Columbus, a larger city, helps us in some respects. It’s competitive to a little extent, so it’s not all win win, but it does help us in the long run. We have cheaper utilities, cheaper land, lower taxes than almost anywhere else that you can go. Those things are important to industry.”

The city will pay the company a one-time retainer fee of $5,000, but there is a performance based fee added as well. If the company secures funding for a project the city details, then the company will get 20% of the funding.

“We live on tax dollars, so industries, retail and businesses, that’s how our city functions,” Mayor Eddie Lowe said. “We have a great reserve, and as I keep saying, people and businesses want to be in Phenix City, which shows the opportunities that we have.”

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