South Columbus leaders hoping to give ex-felons second chance

COLUMBUS, Ga. — It’s no secret that the south side of Columbus has had it’s fair share of crime. That’s why community leaders are working to end the trend by hosting a job fair geared towards ex-felons.

“The job fair is to promote people to enhance their quality on doing what they need to do,” says Henry Cobb, the spokesperson for Second Chance.

Event organizers say ex felons deserve a second chance.

“We thought we should do for the south side of Columbus, not necessarily the south side but anybody that need to get involved and try and get a job,” Cobb says.

Johnny Hardman is an advocate of the Second Chance Job Fair. He says getting a job saved him from ending up back behind bars.

“I got home in 2013 got me a job like two months after I got home, I haven’t been back to prison I haven’t been back to jail things of that nature,” says Hardman.

Now Hardman wants other ex felons to follow his path.

“I once was in that predicament while I was in prison,” Hardman confesses. “I once were behind those gates behind those bars, I understand where you guys are coming from.”

Community organizers say they’re forgetting the negative and focusing on the positive things of the south side community.

Second Chance will host it’s first Job Fair Saturday June 8th from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. at the South Columbus Branch Public Library.

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