News 3 Exclusive: Columbus NAACP President Tonza Thomas running for higher office

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Columbus’ local NAACP chapter president announces she how has her sights set on running for organization’s Georgia office president.

When News 3 met with Tonza Thomas Friday, she shared certain obstacles she’s had to overcome to even feel comfortable pursuing her goals.

Thomas is now serving her second term as the President of the Columbus chapter of the NAACP.

Since becoming president she’s won several awards including a national honor, The Thalheimer for Outstanding Publications in 2014.

Friday, she submitted a consent form to run for state president of the Georgia state conference for the historic civil rights organization.

Thomas says she’s the only local candidate in the running.

Friday, she spoke to me about how she’s continued to grow within the NAACP.

“I’ve gone from being the Executive Director, to Branch Secretary, to State Secretary, to Branch President, and so as I work my way up in this organization like I did in school I’m working my way up to the highest seat in the state and that’s State President.” says Thomas.

Thomas says she’s served as the NAACP Georgia State Secretary for six years.

She says if she wins the State President’s seat she would make history.

“If I am elected I will be the first female elected in the Georgia State Conference as President.” says Thomas.

Friday, she explained the message behind her campaign.

“My platform is going to be “A Unity Revival of the Georgia State Conference and It Begins With Our Youth. ” says Thomas.

Thomas, a single mother of four, who had her first child at 16, has had to face a lot of naysayers, when it comes to achieving her goals.

Despite this, she’s always chosen to rise above, fighting for those, who struggle to fight for themselves.

“I knew that if I kept God first I would block out those folks and so I graduated from high school a year before my class, graduated from college twice, decided to join the NAACP…there were so many people that kept saying you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that…and I did it anyway and I rose up in the ranks over the ten years not because I was scared,  but because I had a real vision for helping folk.” says Thomas.


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