Chambers Co. attorney allegedly embezzles underage client’s money, court documents say

LAFAYETTE, Ala. — A judge has removed a well-known Chambers County attorney with the District Attorney’s Office, as the conservator for an underage client, after allegations he may have mismanaged funds.

Roland Sledge

Late Thursday afternoon, News 3 obtained exclusive court documents in the case from the Chambers County Circuit Clerk. The documents indicate the fund was managed by Roland Sledge, an attorney who also worked as an assistant DA for Chambers County. Sledge was appointed conservator for a minor in August 2007. A conservator is someone a judge appoints to care for the finances of someone who cannot care for the money themselves.


The court document News 3 obtained Thursday dated June 12, 2017 states, “Upon review of the records, it appears, the funds in both bank accounts have been mishandled, misused, misappropriated and in actuality, embezzled.”

News 3 reached out several times to the Chambers County District Attorney to confirm the status of Roland Sledge as a current Assistant DA. We have no received a response. We also reached out to Mister Sledge on his Facebook page, with no response. Meanwhile, at a hearing on the issue Thursday, a Chambers County judge asked for a status hearing on the case July 27th.

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