Fake News! Time asks Donald Trump to take down fake magazine covers

A photo of the fake TIME cover featuring Donald Trump. The photo hung in at least four of Trump's golf resorts until TIME asked them to take the phony cover down. (Getty Images)

(WRBL) — In today’s age of information, it’s important to be able to tell when you’re really seeing the facts.

Golfers and diners visiting at least four of Donald Trump’s clubs around the world thought they were looking at an impressive achievement by the now president and former reality TV star — a copy of his photo on Time magazine.

The cover features a stoic-looking Trump with his arms crossed and a big headline proclaiming, “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” Above the Time logo, the magazine appeared to give the then Apprentice host another boost: “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS . . . EVEN TV!”

Unfortunately, the cover is 100% fake.

Time responded to news of the fake cover Tuesday saying it asked the Trump Organization to remove all copies wherever they may have been displayed.

Time also posted an article Wednesday titled “How To Spot a Fake TIME Cover”, courtesy of Creative Director D.W. Pine who has designed more than 400 magazine covers during his time with the publication.

Pine writes that the knockoff Trump cover made several key mistakes that would never pass for the real deal.

First TIME cover of Donald Trump from Jan. 16, 1989 (Credit: TIME)

First was the date. The fake Time cover had a March 1, 2009 stamp along the top border. However, Time says there was no issue distributed on March 1, and in fact, Trump never appeared on any Time cover in 2009. The publication says Trump was only featured on a cover once back in January 1989 before running for president.

Time’s creative director goes on to add the title on the phony cover is just all wrong.

Pine writes in the correction article that the Trump cover’s logo was too big and also too high on the page, contrary to the style adopted by the genuine Time covers in 2009. It also ran across Trump’s forehead, whereas real Time covers allow photos to silhouette over the magazine’s logo.

Next was the border. Time is well known for its iconic red border which stands out on magazine racks. However, the Trump cover border was too thin and didn’t include the thinner white border that helps the red stand out from the cover photos, according to Pine.

Finally, the typography. Creative Director Pine says the font of the teaser stories placed around Trump’s fake cover would have been at the top of the page — had it been real — and written in “Benton Bold Condensed”. Pine says this font was hand-crafted and modeled after the Franklin Gothic version in use today.

“As for the heavy use of punctuation: we do like punctuation for emphasis (evident in the use of periods on four recent cover concerning Trump (“Deal With It.”, “Meltdown.”, “Total Meltdown.” and “Nothing to See Here.”) But exclamation points and question marks are another thing — particularly the four (!) in use on the fake Trump cover,” Pine concludes.

The takeaway here is that when it doubt, you should always look online at the TIME Vault that includes copies of every cover ever made.

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