New Snapchat feature sparks privacy concern

COLUMBUS, Ga. — More than 158 million people are using Snapchat on a daily basis and that number keeps growing.

Snapchat is a way for folks to communicate, by sharing their stories and photos in real time.

Recently the mobile app added the new opt-in “snap map” feature, which shares your location with anyone on Snapchat.

Lieutenant Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick from the Columbus Police Department says this new feature poses a threat to both adults and children.

Plus it gives predators a new way to scope their victims.

Lieutenant Dent-Fitzpatrick says it’s crucial to monitor your kids social media and cell phone apps.

Although the minimum age to have a snapchat account is 13, younger kids are still gaining access to this app.

If you want to opt out of the new feature in “ghost mode” and you’re an iPhone user there are two ways you can do it.

  1. Open up snapchat, go to settings and then change it to ghost mode. 
  2. Go to your settings, open up Snapchat, click location and then change the access to never.

This change will allow you to hide your location from other users.

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