Lee County Sheriff’s Office holds advanced section of the Junior Deputy Academy

LEE COUNTY, Ala.- Last week, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office finished the second week of their Junior Deputy Academy. This week, they have been hosting their advanced version of the camp.

This version is for repeat campers in an attempt to give them a more, in-depth experience into the day-to-day lives of deputies. Campers also learn techniques that they can use to being a team leader for next year’s camp.

“I think I can help the students so they can learn more about deputies and help them learn about honor, respect, integrity and all those different words,” Cooper Bailey said.

“It would be a great honor and privilege to me, and I would be responsible with the role,” Connor Davis said.

The Junior Deputy Academy has been held since 2009, and since then, close to 1,200 campers have taken part in it. Over the past three weeks, there have been around 100 campers.

More information on next year’s camp will be released in January in Lee County elementary schools. You can also visit the Lee County Sheriff’s Office’ website.


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