Columbus woman called ‘miracle’ by her doctor as she fights serious condition

COLUMBUS, Ga.– A Columbus woman is in the battle of her life—still.

News 3 first introduced our viewers to Frieda Wooley in February of 2011. Her platelet level then was 46,000. By April of 2011, her platelets had spiked to 86,000.  In 2013, Frieda spent nearly a year in Texas under treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  When her platelets plummeted to 16,000, she was put on the bone marrow transplant list. But miraculously, her levels spiked to almost 50,000, she believes from eating healthy and exercise. So the transplant was out.

“They said well we’re going to take you off the list, but we’re going to continue to check you, you know, each year, and we’ll send you back home,” said Frieda Wooley.

On Tuesday, June 20, routine blood work ordered by her Oncologist Dr. Sajid Ahmed of the John B. Amos Cancer Center, showed her platelet level had dropped to 7,000.

Frieda has no outward signs that would normally be associated with low platelets such as bleeding from her gums or nose. But that doesn’t make her condition any less severe. Dr. Ahmed says for patients like her, there could be bleeding in the brain, which could be fatal, or bleeding elsewhere.

“Behind the eyes, that would cause blindness or causing bleeding in the GI tract or bladder,” said Dr. Ahmed.

Frieda’s condition is called Aplastic bone marrow. Her body doesn’t recognize her platelets. Her options are blood work three times a week, continued transfusions and the hope of getting back on the transplant list. But for now Frieda doesn’t let this challenge, which she did not choose, stop her from living.

“I don’t go to bed thinking about this, and I don’t wake up thinking about it, I truly don’t. I just leave it in God’s hands. And I just trust him that he’ll help me through it because he’s helped me through it this far,” says Frieda.

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